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Generators 100 kW or less (Photovoltaic, Wind, etc.)
Arkansas Public Service Commission Net Metering Rules
Small Generators 0 to 20 MW (single or multiple units) & not under Net Meter Rules
FERC Small Generator Rules (Order 2006)
Large Generators greater than 20 MW
FERC Large Generator Rules (Order 2003-A)
NERC Reliability Standards applicable to Generator Owner and/or Generator Operator

Co-Generation Qualifying Facility
Arkansas Public Service Commission Co-Generator Rules
Transmission lines
The general study process used by AECC will be similar to the one outlined in the FERC Small Generator Rules where applicable. Transmission interconnections may be subject to the Southwest Power Pool Transmission Working Group Interconnection Review process and the MISO Planning Sub Committee Interconnection Review Process. These processes can be found at: SPP Website and MISO Website.

Contact the AECC member distribution cooperative for a copy of their Line Extension Policy.
SPP Website
SPP Oasis Website
MISO Website
MISO Oasis Website
AEP Interconnection Guidelines
AEP Transmission Planning Reliability Criteria
OGE Interconnect Guidelines
SWPA General Requirements for Interconnection
Entergy Facility Connection Requirements Webpage
Entergy Tariff Attachment N (Standard Large Generator Interconnection Procedures)
Entergy Tariff Attachment O (Standard Large Generator Interconnection Agreement)
FERC Order 2006-B Standardization of Small Generator Interconnection Agreements and Procedures (Order on Clarification 7-20-2006)
FERC Order 671-A Revised Regulations Governing Small Power Production and Cogeneration Facilities (Order on Rehearing 5-22-2006)
FERC Order 671 Revised Regulations Governing Small Power Production and Cogeneration Facilities (Final Rule 2-2-2006)
AECC Design and Operating Requirements for Interconnected Facilities